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YouTube Dance film

On July 6, we have our special evening of YouTube dance films, 'Geeks
can dance' in the RABOzaal of the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam!
This evening is organized by Upload cinema and Cinedans and takes
place during the international dance festival Julidans.
Everyone can send in their best YouTube Dance film, you can do this here

Upload Cinema at:
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korea residence artist

Call for Artists

Hooyong Performing Arts Centre |S.Korea
Deadline: 7 May 2010.
Hooyong Performing Arts Centre Artist-in-Residences is a program designed to provide
supportive environment for the artists to concentrate on their creative works.
Through the program, artists are to strengthen their creativity in association with a variety of artistic elements,
and the nature-friendly work space will allow them to solidify their discipline and skill.
Hooyong Performing Arts Centre welcomes all the artists
with their own philosophical mind and endless passion for the performing arts.

| Supports : Arts Council Korea, Hooyong Performing Arts Centre
| Host organizations offered : Nottle Theatre Company
| Venue : Hooyong Performing Arts Centre(www.hooyongartscentre.com)


7 May 2010

Performing Arts_ Choreography, Acting, Playwriting, Music, Installation or set design, Dance
of Residency

3 weeks to 8 weeks ( between May to Oct 2010)
Required Documentation

Complete Application form (www.nottle.co.kr), 1 page proposal & Detail proposal on work or project description, CV, Photos documentation(PDF) or DVD(to post)

A one-way ticket, Artist Fee (KRW500,000/Month), Studio spaces and accommodation and board, workshops for creation, collaborative projects, individual performance/Presentations/ network meeting

Please forward your application via email (nottle93@hotmail.com) or send it on a DVD to
389Hooyong Munmarkeup Wonju Kangwon-do, S.Korea
[Nottle Theatre Company] tel: +82-33-732-0827, fax :+33-732-2773
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New York Times インタビュー


> 今日のNY Timesです。アル・ハルプリン、興味深いです。
> Q. How do you go about answering them? 
> 問:どの様にそれらについて答えるの?
> HALPRIN Curt Sachs said it [dance] was the mother of all arts. And what’s so special about it to me is, you know if you’re a painter you work with paint, and if you’re a pianist you work with a piano, and if you’re a sculptor you work with clay, but when you’re a dancer you’re working with your own body, and that’s kind of unique. It has unique possibilities as a very subjective, personal art form.
> ハープリン カート・サックスが云うにはダンスこそが全てのアートの『母』だそうよ。そしてその『母』の何が私にとって特別かと云えば、ほら、例えばもしも絵描きだったら絵の具で創作し、ピアニストならば当然ピアノで、彫刻家なら粘土とか使って制作するわ。ところがダンサーの場合は自分自身の肉体を使う訳で、そこがユニークね。つまり実に主体的で個人的な芸術を構築するというユニークな可能性があるわ。

> Q. How has your view of your own body changed over the years?
> 問:年月を経てどの様に自分の身体に対する視座が変わって来た?
> HALPRIN I am a cancer survivor, so my body as my instrument has had a very crucial position in my life, and I’ve often wondered whether my work as a dancer was instrumental in my being able to heal myself.
> ハープリン 私の癌を克服してきた経歴から見れば、『装置/道具』としての自分の肉体が危機的状況をくぐり抜けて来た感じね。だからダンサーとしての私の仕事ってもしかしたら治癒してゆく為の『試行錯誤/手段』じゃないかって良く思うんだけど。
> Q. Why is it important to make dance accessible and focus on everyday movement?
> 問:なぜ日常の動きとしてダンスを捉えたり見据えたりする事が重要なの?
> HALPRIN I’ve always questioned why would you imitate other people’s movement? What’s the point of that? Each person has a unique body, has a unique series of responses to their life and their response to life around them. I did human dissection for about a year. I wanted to find out the nature of how the body moves that is universal to all bodies. I don’t identify as being a postmodern dancer, although historically that seems to be a way to place an artist somewhere. Of course studying the body as an expressive instrument is a lifetime study, so I keep at it.
> ハープリン いつも私は何故人が他人の動きを真似たがるのかをずっと考えてた。それって何の意味があるの?人は皆それぞれが個別のユニークな身体を持ち、それが自ずと個々の生活に一連のユニークな反応を呼び、さらにそれらが生活のまわりに波及していく訳。私、一年ほど人間の詳細な解析を試みた事があるわ。つまりどんな身体にもあてはまるユニバーサルな身体運動の法則みたいなものがないかなぁって求めたの。別に自分ではポストモダンダンサーと思わないけど、まぁ人はアーティストの事を勝手に歴史の中のどこかに押し込みたがるものだし。もちろん、表現する装置としての身体を探究していくのは一生モンだから続けなくっちゃ。

> Q. Can dance still break boundaries?

> 問:「ダンス」ってまだ「境界」を解体出来ると思う?

> HALPRIN I think so. I love the flash mob. I think that’s wonderful. That’s another new way of opening up the boundaries. Everybody can dance, and we can dance at any time; it’s a matter of looking at life in a particular way, and let’s celebrate it, or let’s protest it.

> ハープリン 思うわ。『フラッシュモブ』って好きだし、アレ最高。新たな「境界」を拓いて越境して行く方法のひとつと思うな。誰もが踊れて、そして何時でも踊れる…そんな風に生活様式をすこしこだわった見方で眺め、そしてもちろんそれを謳歌するも良し、逆に非難するのも自由よ。
> Q. How has the West Coast influenced you as an artist?
> 問:アーティストとしてのあなたに「(アメリカ)西海岸」は影響を与えた?
> HALPRIN At first moving to the West Coast, I thought that that was going to be the end of my career, but actually what seemed to be a curse at the time turned out to be a blessing because it required me to work from a blank page. Now we’re loaded with dance companies, but in those days, which was 1945, there was not much happening in San Francisco. And so it required really finding your own roots, and it turned out to be a good thing. There were other artists who were also searching ― musicians and painters, poets and sculptors, and architects. There was just a great awakening in the Bay Area. It was fabulous.
> ハープリン 最初に西海岸に移った時はこれでダンサーとしてのキャリアーの終焉ね…と感じたの。ところがそんな呪われた状況が実際は真逆で至福の状況、つまりマッサラの状態から仕事をこなさざるを得ないというみたいな話だわね。今はダンスカンパニーがうじゃうじゃいっぱいある訳だけど1945年当時のサンフランシスコにはほとんど何も事が起きなかった。だから本気で自分の『根っこ』を探さなきゃ駄目だったの。で、それが結局のホントの話、実に良い事だった。やはり同じ様に探しているアーティスト達がいてー音楽家や画家、詩人に彫刻家、それに建築家。まさにベイエリアの『目覚めの時』だったわ。もう最高。
> Q. Why do you still teach?
> 問:何故いまもまだ教えを?
> HALPRIN What I love about teaching is generating creativity in others. I don’t think I ever teach the same class twice because there are so many different responses to the same material.
> ハープリン 教える事の何が好きって、他人の内部に創造性を宿す事が好きよ。同じ素材を使っても全く異なった反応が生まれるから、今まで同じクラスを2回教えたような気がしないわね。
> Q. What do you hope your legacy is going to be as an artist? Do you think about it at all?
> 問:アーティストとしての自身の遺産が将来どの様に…みたいな希望を少しは考えたりも?
> HALPRIN I think about it a lot. To keep the spirit of what I feel I’ve dedicated my life to, the idea that dance is a very creative experience and that it can become a way of connecting with the reality of your life. I call this a life-art process, and I hope that will have an effect on the art world, that there will be more artists that will be dedicated toward the notion that as you expand your art experience, you deepen your life experience, and as you deepen your life experience, you expand your art. So that’s a very simple concept ― it’s a very ancient one actually, there’s nothing new about it; it’s just a reinterpretation.
> ハープリン とても良く考えますよ。自分の生活に捧げてきた「精神」や、実生活の本質を創造的な経験で結びつける為の理想的な手段であるダンスの「理念」という「概念」をいかに伝え育んで行くかなどを。自分ではこれを『生活ー芸術の過程』と呼んでいて、今本気で願うのは、芸術の経験を広めれば広めるほど、生活の中の経験値が深まり、そしてそれが深まる事でさらに芸術が広がる、そんな考えに同調してくれるアーティストが増えてくれる効果なりきっかけが芸術界に生まれないかな、みたいな事。つまり、本当に単純で素朴な考え方ーしかもとても古風なね。別に全然新しい事は云ってないの、単に言い方を変えただけ。
 ちなみにこちらがネット上の本家”NY TIMES”の記事。↓

harprin talks←
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montreal quebec canada CINARS2010 ←click here
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山崎広太さんが主催しているbody arts laboratry

ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival



フランス アンジェ振付センターレポート


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dance video Information oversaes

Cinedans festival moved dates!
The festival will take place from 8-12 december 2010 in Amsterdam
instead of connected to Julidans in July.

Entrycall dance screen @ Cinedans 2010!
8 - 12 December, 2010

This year Cinedans will host the 12th edition of Dance Screen, the
International Festival and Competition for Dance Films & Videos
Dance Screen is an initiative of the IMZ organised in cooperation with Cinedans.
For more information please see

We cordially invite you to submit your dance films and videos! For the
full entry call and rules and regulations please go to:
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Audition für die Spielzeit 2010/2011 ab Mai 2010

Volkstheater Rostock / Tanztheater Bronislav Roznos sucht für die Spielzeit
2010/2011 weibliche und männliche Tänzer

Beginn der Tätigkeit bereits ab Mai 2010
mit einem Gastvertrag und anschließend
einem festen Vertrag ab August 2010

Termin für Vortanzen ist der 31.01.2010 um 10:00 Uhr im Ballettsaal des
Volkstheater Rostock oder individuell nach Absprache

Anmeldung mit CV an info@bronislav-roznos.de


Das Theater Görlitz hat freie Vakanzen ab der Spielzeit 2010/11 für

Tänzer und Tänzerinnen

- Mitwirkung in Produktionen des Musiktheaters (Oper/Operette)
- zwei Produktionen des Tanztheaters Görlitz.

Das Vortanzen findet am 28.02.2010 um 11.00 Uhr im Ballettsaal des Theaters
Görlitz statt.
Schriftliche Bewerbungen mit CV bitte nur an



Mumuki Music and Dance Company is searching for dancers with excellent
contemporary technique, who are used to very physical and demanding

The project begins 12th April 2010, lasting 4 to 5 weeks, with performances
at the end of that period. Rehearsals 5 days a week with a company technique
class every morning.

Audition: Thursday 14th January 2010
at 14.00 hrs
in Studio 1 at Tanzfabrik (Möckernstr.68, 10965, Berlin)




Audition Tanztheater Kassel
Staatstheater Kassel
Tanztheater Kassel
artistic director/choreographer: Johannes Wieland
is looking for male/female dancers for the 10 /11 season with very strong
contemporary technique and improvisational skills (full and guest
Audition by invitation only:
Berlin, 6.03.2010, 11.00-22.00 Uhr Ufer-studios GmbH, Tanzraum, Uferstraße
8/23, 13357 Berlin.
Callback: 7./8.03.2010, 11.00-22.00 Uhr Uferstudios GmbH, Tanzraum,
Uferstraße 8/23, 13357 Berlin.
Callback Kassel: 13./14.03.2010 oder/or 20./21.03.2010 Staatstheater Kassel,
Friedrichsplatz 15, 34117 Kassel/ Germany.
Please send your Application with CV (max. 2 pages), short statement of
motivation and photo by 26.02.2010 to:
Staatstheater Kassel
Simone Batz
Friedrichsplatz 15
D-34117 Kassel
Tel.: +49 561 1094-125
-> www.staatstheater-kassel.de
-> www.johanneswieland.org
-> Promovideo


Intitulé du poste : Danseuse

Employeur : Cie La Innombrable

Lieu de travail : Marseille

Mission : Pour la création intitulée « Soledades » qui aura lieu en 2010
(recherche) et 2011 (création), nous cherchons une danseuse
Le travail s’articulera autour de la thématique de l’identité et de la

Profil du candidat : Qualités : Solide base contemporaine, expérience en
danse contact et portés. Ouvert aux profils atypiques, aux expériences
Maturité dans la recherche, capacité de proposition et de composition.
Période de travail :
Phase de recherche : 2 semaines du 25 au 28 mai et du 31 mai au 5 juin
2010-Marseille + 1 semaine à l’automne 2010
Création début 2011 : 6 semaines / période et lieux à préciser

Date de début : Audition : Un jour entre le 1er et le 5 février 2010 à
Marseille. Nous vous communiquerons le lieu par mail.

Adresse du contact :
Association Entre Deux cie La Innombrable
C/O MPT Panier Joliette
66, rue de l'évéché
13002 Marseille

Téléphone : 06 20 69 76 78

Mel : la.innombrable@free.fr

Site Internet : www.lainnombrable.com

Envoyez CV+lettre de présentation, photo/vidéo à la.innombrable@free.fr
avant le 27 janvier 2010

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K.i.M-Project: The Berlin Post School of Physical Theatre-Dance opens in April 2010 in collaboration with Tanzfabrik Berlin

3 months intensive training for professionals 19.04.2010 - 10.07.2010

Among our teachers are Nayoung Kim (Pina Bausch), Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola (Sasha Waltz, DV8), Max Schumacher (Post Theater New York/ Tokio/ Berlin), Minako Seki (Japanese modern Butoh), Shaolin Monk (Kung Fu), Shannon Cooney (contemporary dance) and others.

Applications for "The Berlin Post School of Physical Theatre-Dance" start from 2nd November 2009. The deadline will be 31st January 2010.

Auditions for the Post School: 30th and 31st of January 2010. If you can not come you must send your material (video plus curriculum) to us.

More Information:view attachment and website


Performance:Minako Seki at Sunday Afternoon Improvisation, LaborGras

Sunday 31.01., 16:00, http://laborgras.com

Performance (K.i.M-Project): Site Specific Performance with Participiants of the Intensive Workshop (January/February): Friday 12.02., Berlin (more info soon on Minako's website)


Upcoming Workshops

Easter Workshop in Berlin

Dojo KoKuGiKan,Friday to Monday, 02.04.-05.04.2010

Whitsun Workshop in Berlin

Dojo KoKuGiKan, Friday to Monday, 21.5.-24.05.2010

You will find more information soon on Minako's website.

Application and Information:

Daniela Schmidtke - Nils Willers


Please, visit also Minako's website: www.minakoseki.com.


Future Workshops

Summer Workshop in Berlin,

Tanzfabrik (www.tanzfabrik-berlin.de)

Summer Workshop in Ottersberg

26.7.-30.7.2010 (www.offenesatelier.com)

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Independent Artists Japan TPAM2010